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• Save time evaluating writing with the Universal Writing Continuum!

• Understand what’s important to teach in writing because we break standards down in a “teachable” progression of skills consistent with most existing school curricula.

• Evaluate students’ writing at their individual levels on up to 10 writing elements, assisting with differentiation.

• Document specific written and oral feedback to students, aiding students in taking the next steps for writing improvement. Read More

• Evaluate any type of writing from math notebooks to essays in all content areas to kindergarten narratives with just a few clicks.

• Access individual and class data at a glance on easy to read charts.

• Set instructional goals for individuals and classes.

• Search a bank of 1,000 instructional engagements to create their own lesson plans, store these on their dashboard and search for them by date, standard or keyword.

• Save personal lesson plans in an easy to use format for mini lessons or other assignments.

• Are empowered to write to inform, argue, and entertain through print and multi-media.

• Receive specific teacher feedback to learn their next steps for improving writing.

• Monitor their own progress and can compare their own work to grade-level expectations. Read More

• Self-evaluate their own writing with checklists.

• Maintain their K-12th grade electronic writing portfolio by selecting their best writing pieces to be submitted for benchmark papers.

• Have available a glossary, graphic organizers, exemplar writing samples, inspirational quotes, and other resources to enhance their writing experiences.

• View teacher feedback in real time as teachers provide feedback to students.

• Watch their students’ grow monthly, annually and across their entire school career with access to students’ electronic writing portfolios.

• Access the benchmark reports for each registered teacher in the school. Graphs indicate the class percentage of students that are within the below basic, basic, proficient, advanced and advanced plus ranges.

• Access the individual student, class and grade level data, and an annual progress graph.

• Receive reports on teachers' usage of the UWC for formative assessment. Read More

• Can expect teachers to work together with the UWC to improve reliability of evaluation from grade to grade.

• At a glance, see how students are progressing and areas that teachers may need additional professional development.


Students’ writing and track their progress throughout their K-12 education. Encourage student to self-evaluate and self-monitor their growth as writers. Share benchmark data with administrators.


With students, providing timely written feedback. Connect with parents by sharing students’ writing portfolios. Connect with other teacher throughout the year with our online forum.


Students with writing engagements created for grades K-1, 2-5 and 6-12. Challenge students to improve their writing proficiency across the content areas.