The Universal Writing Continuum (UWC) is a PreK-12 formative assessment tool consistent with writers' workshop and the process approach to teaching writing. Our formative assessment informs the next instructional steps needed for the class, small groups and individuals while recording students’ progress on a continuum of 42 progress points.

The UWC IS NOT a computer-scored assessment. Teachers make all of the assessment and instructional decisions---the computer is just a tool to make this process more reliable, efficient, and informative.

All content teachers in grades 6-12 will find this website invaluable for evaluating writing across the curriculum. Teachers can easily assess and monitor students' progress, set goals for their students, and plan instruction based on assessment results.

The UWC has been evaluated based on the criteria established by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) for formative assessment (2013) and by the standards for reading and writing assessment established by NCTE and International Literacy Association (2009).

How Does the Universal Writing Continuum (UWC) measure up to NCTE & IRA standards for formative writing assessment? See More


  • Searchable Teaching Strategies: Over 500 strategies for management and mini-lessons are included.
  • Glossary of Terms: Over 130 terms used in the standards and continuum are defined and illustrated
  • Interactive Mentor Texts
  • Student Self-Evaluation Checklists
  • 28 Writable Graphic Organizers
  • 380 Writing Quotes of the Day to Inspire Teachers and Writers
  • A Comment Bank to Store the Comments Teachers Use Repeatedly
  • Anchor Papers for Comparison and to Share with Students