Each student has an electronic portfolio for PK to grade 12. Students receive written feedback from their teacher(s), see their goals and can monitor their own progress for each trait of writing. Students have access to the notes their teacher makes as they conference about their writing and any goals set to remind the students what they agreed to work on next. We urge students to receive feedback from peers before they ask for assistance from their teacher. Students are encouraged to self-evaluate their own work before they peer conference. If students want to examine their growth, they can look through their writing in their electronic portfolio from Kindergarten up to their high school graduation.

We believe that students can accept responsibility for monitoring their own growth and assist teachers in filling in gaps in their learning. With the UWC, teachers can challenge students to do just that! See More


Parents can view their student’s portfolio from Pre-K to grade 12 at any time, read feedback from their student’s teachers, pull up their student’s writing and view a graph indicating the student’s progress as compared to the expected progress for the grade level.

Parents and students can view the students’ progress over time. They can view the student’s written pieces, their holistic evaluations and specific strengths and needs. Parents can stay informed with the UWC!