Writing, The Neglected “R.” Over the past 20 years, writing instruction in the U.S. has become the most neglected area of our K-12 curriculum. We agree with the College Board that it is time for a writing revolution. If you agree, contact us to see how we can help you start a writing movement in your schools.

Uni-SPIRE's MISSION: Uni-Spire aims to impact PK-12 teachers’ understanding of effective instruction in English language arts, mathematics, science, history and the integration of these disciplines by producing quality research-based professional development, formative assessments, data analyses, and curricular materials that lead to readiness for their K-12 education, college, careers and productive citizenship in a democratic society. We aim to create a collaborative educational environment where integration, innovation, creative and critical thinking, problem solving, perseverance, and passion blossom.

Uni-SPIRE’s K-12 Solution: Uni-SPIRE’s Universal Writing Continuum (UWC) Version 2.0 is a comprehensive solution for empowering K-12 writers. Our online platform enables teachers in all content areas to evaluate written or multi-media communications and refocus instruction to maximize students’ growth. Students access written feedback from their teachers to encourage revision and improvement. The UWC is built on global standards, correlated to the CCSS, and based on criteria for 10 elements of writing. The proficiency band at the beginning of each year shifts to gradually raise expectations within a grade level to encourage continuous progress.

We believe that students learn to write by frequently writing in many different contexts for many purposes. Our goals are to help make teachers more informed about writers’ needs, to make the assessment process easier and less time-consuming, and to give teachers useful suggestions of ways to engage their students in writing. We believe that students can benefit greatly from self-evaluation and monitoring their own growth as writers. Do you have the same goals and beliefs? Want to know more?

Informed Instruction. Writing across the Curriculum. Writing on the job demands greater flexibility; therefore, the Universal Writing Continuum doesn’t limit students’ writing to a specified prompt or a few text types like most competitors. UWC promotes student choice, creativity, personalized learning and maximizes writing progress. Because writing is a means for assessing learning across the curriculum, the UWC can be informative to all teachers, not just the English teacher. Students need as many opportunities to write in a variety of contexts from pre-school through high school to truly prepare them for the demands of higher education and future careers.

Teachers as Decision Makers. The UWC is NOT a computer-scored assessment. Teachers make all of the assessment and instructional decisions---the computer is a tool to make this process more reliable, efficient, and informative. Teachers can easily assess and monitor students' progress, set goals for individual students and their class, and plan instruction based on assessment results.

Meeting NCTE and IRA Standards. The UWC has been evaluated as meeting the criteria established by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) for formative assessment (2013) and by the standards for reading and writing assessment established by NCTE and International Literacy Association (2009).

A Comprehensive Approach. The Universal Writing Continuum gives families a personalized portal to follow their students’ growth over their entire school career. Students have tools to support and empower them as writers. Administrators receive benchmark reports to keep them informed on student progress. Teachers have engaging activities at their fingertips, support for lesson planning, and resources that make their teaching writing more effective. We know teaching writing is difficult, so our goal has been to build a platform that can make teachers’ jobs effective and efficient.